Influential Brands
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Influential Brands® is a think-tank, research and brand recognition platform formed to identify, engage and recognise the best brands throughout Asia. The Influential Brands family of brands comprises of global and regional brands from more than 15 countries worldwide.

Leveraging on more than 19 years of branding knowledge, know-how and expertise in Asia, Influential Brands® seeks to provide knowledge, raise awareness of desirable brands, celebrate the unique aspects of Asian-based businesses and the rich Asia's brand heritage. Brand excellence is celebrated as a result of extensive consumer and market research, assessment of branding qualities, influence and impact on consumers.

Influential Brands® strives towards “Champion of Excellence”. Deeply embedded in our beliefs, is the need to foster a culture that honours the exemplary practices of leading brands in Asia, as well as their commitment to distinction. We delight in rejoicing with organizations over their successful brand efforts that have added values and left significant marks in the many walks of life. Through this, we hope to contribute to the knowledge pool of best practices so that companies can produce quality and meaningful brands that influence and impact our environment, living standard, lifestyles and future.